Sunday, January 16, 2011

Barbara Kingsolver Would Probably Love Michihili

Many of you now trying michihili are likely savoring the zesty flavor of this Chinese cabbage type.  I know I am.  But lately I’ve lost my patience (again) with the stems which require a lengthy cook time, can be fibrous and therefore not totally chewable. So a few nights ago I decided to prepare the leaves and “opt out” of messing with the stems.  Stress relieved! I stripped the leaves as outlined in blog post The Challenge of Michihili and steamed them just as I would young collard greens or baby beet greens. The juicy taste of fresh michihili greens restored my commitment to continue eating them.

So why do I keep trying to assimilate michihili into my diet? As I’ve been trying to “waste not, want not” with this Asian vegetable, I realize that I am applying one of the practices that Barbara Kingsolver prescribes in her best seller “Animal Vegetable Miracle”. Last year I posted comments on this book in another blog and they apply in this case as well. 

My continuing adventures with the abundance of michihili in our garden, for as long as it lasts, stem back to an important lifestyle classic of our times and a must read for those moving towards a self-sustaining lifestyle. 

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