Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Black Bean Sauce on Asian Vegetables

At a recent holiday party someone told us that the best Chinese restaurant in town was located near where we live.  Talk about "local"! The ABC Chinese Seafood Restaurant is in walking distance from our home and we've never been there, probably because it is in a strip mall near an auto parts store. I mean, how good could that be? 

Well, open mouth, insert foot.
We went there the other night and got blown away by their menu and, best of all, their food. The decor and ambience are authentic, the service excellent, and it is the best Chinese food we've ever had outside of any China Town. We ordered Beef and Asparagus with Black Bean Sauce and Chinese Broccoli ("Gai Lan") with Garlic Wine Sauce. Both were superb after ample portions of Egg Drop Soup served "for 2".  Since we can't eat there every night and I really want more vegetables with these wonderful sauces, I searched and found an easy recipe for Asian Black Bean Sauce and plan to serve it over our garden's bok choi, and possibly try it as a dipping sauce for stewed beef.  I am going to experiment with plum wine to make a garlic wine sauce for our garden's Gai Lan.  Some new ideas for enjoying our home grown vegetables!
I will let you know how the sauces come out but I just could not wait to share this wonderful local food find with all with you!  So, if you cannot wait to make these sauces yourself, I suggest that you experience the amazing cuisine hidden in a strip mall on 54th Ave. N., just 1.5 blocks west of I-275, off exit 26. 

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