Monday, January 3, 2011

Delicious Fresh Beet Greens & Seasoning of Mustard Greens

I made this recipe [with fresh beet greens] last night and it was DELICIOUS!  Also, have you tried the Mustard Greens with some vinegar?  It can enhance the natural flavor and sweetness in foods, especially bitter greens.    Best, Jane

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  1. Jane, I did not know that vinegar enhances the sweetness of bitter greens! What type of vinegar do you use on your mustard greens?

  2. Response from Jane: I always remember that this was a Southern tradition but maybe we put a little on spinach when I was growing up in the North. I am starting to experiment but plain white vinegar works well - try starting with a ts to TB spoon and see if that doesn't work - Red wine vinegar is another good choice. Also have used rice vinegar - I will try to learn how to blog - I tried a recipe with the mizuna and bok choy last night but it wasn't that good, mainly because I didn't cook them long enough. I really like this website for recipes.