Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lunch of Leftovers with Cilantro and Italian Parsley

When I’m in a hurry I still try to eat healthy and today was no exception.  I had almost finished eating my quickly prepared lunch when I realized I was missing a photo op! 

So here is my lunch using leftovers my husband wasn’t going to eat.  My quick fix included a bunch of cilantro that had to get used
or thrown out in a few days, also some fresh Italian parsley I had over picked from The Garden.  

First I sprayed a non stick pan with some olive oil, threw in leftover jasmine rice, and turned heat to med-high. I topped this with hastily shredded cilantro and parsley and waited to hear the rice start to crackle from the thin sheen of olive oil. Then I poured a little water around the edges and cracked open two eggs on top.  Using a spatula, I made the eggs run into the rice, added garlic powder, salt and fresh ground pepper and started using a spatula to gently flip the mixture as the eggs cooked into the mixture.  After just a few minutes I added some low fat cottage cheese to the top of it, a little more water around the sides of the “lump”, and put a cover on it for a few minutes, turning the heat down to low. 

In about three minutes I pushed it out onto a plate using the spatula.  It was pretty good for a quickie meal and the cilantro flavor was awesome in the creamy texture that developed during cooking.  Hey!.. It sure beat skipping lunch or eating a quick tablespoon of peanut butter! Best of all, the ritual of cooking for myself took me off warp speed and forced me to slow down enough to sit and enjoy the dish I had just created.  What a concept! Taking a break… ah!   
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