Sunday, January 16, 2011

Results for Black Bean Asian Sauce

“So enough, already, with the michihili!” they cried out. Relax… this post is about the bean sauce recipe I posted about.  I just happened to pour it over michihili stems which I cooked for a zillion years first. We ate the flowers raw, of course. Michihili flowers when mature.

The recipe for Asian Black Bean Sauce turned out great!  I made a few changes to it

by doubling all the ingredients except for the black beans.  I also mashed the beans slightly so they would soak up the ingredients better and help to thicken the sauce. Once cooked, I moved a small portion into a sauce pan and thinned it with plum wine.

Great improvement!  Even sans wine, the result was a thick, gingery, pungent sauce that I’m going to serve tonight with leftover beef roast and fresh jasmine rice.  Yuh-uh-uh-mmmm.  Next time I plan to mash the beans even more to lose the "bean look". I may even use half the beans prescribed. I think I will be using this sauce alot!

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