Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Marinaded Kohlrabi

I've been boasting about this recipe for over a year now and thought I should finally write it down. I got it from some great chef (I believe it was Chef Fred Lucardie) of the Tampa Bay American Culinary Federation many years ago and have never been able to find the original copy of it. But I do remember the ingredients:  "kohlrabi, lemon wedges,
capers, salt, pepper and olive oil"  in whatever quantities you want to try.   This is how I make it.

Trim leaves off 2 or 3 kohlrabi and save them for another meal. (I actually like them better than collard greens.) Cut the kohlrabi into wedges of sixths or eighths depending on the size of it. Don't use big fibrous kohlrabi for this recipe. They should probably be no bigger than 4 inches in diameter. (I like to keep the size and shapes of the kohlrabi and lemon wedges similar). Also I always use two jars for this recipe so there is plenty of room for the contents to travel, rotate, and blend flavors when marinading.

Boil the kohlrabi wedges in salted water until they are fork tender but not soft like a potato. Immediately drain and immerse in ice water to stop them from cooking further. Drain them after a minute or so in ice water.  [Optional: Once drained, peel the outer skin off the kohlrabi. If they are small in size, the skin will be very tender and is quite tasty so try leaving it on.]  Get a quart jar(s) or something widemouthed with a cover and layer the kohlrabi, lemon wedges (4 wedges per kohlrabi is plenty!), capers (I use no more than 2 tsp total), sea salt pinches, light on the fresh ground pepper, and extra virgin oil (just to coat not to soak).  Lightly turn the jar over and sideways to blend the marinade. Don't shake it. If you've overcooked the kohlrabi they may start to break up so be gentle.

Turning the jar every hour or so, marinate for at least 4 hours (overnight is better) at room temperature then serve.  You can refrigerate the leftovers but I remove most of the lemon wedges so the taste of the kohlrabi doesn't get swallowed up by the lemon as it continues to marinade. I actually strain out the kohlrabi (and put it in a separate jar) ...

Kohlrabi strained from marinade
and then save the strained marinade for my next batch.
marinade minus kohlrabi
The olive oil is inundated with juice from the lemons and capers! I sometimes use it as salad dressing or baste a roasting chicken with it.  Use up the marinade within the next 3 - 4 days or get rid of it and start over again. Enjoy!

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