Monday, April 25, 2011

Recipes & Research

For the sake of everyone, I decided to stop publishing the list of recipes and links on the weekly Market opening notice. Instead, I'll provide a weekly link to this blog post so that it will still be accessible to everyone.  We recognize that some of you depend on us to point you in the right direction
with recipes for our locally grown produce because you may not have eaten it or cooked it before.  Enjoy the benefits of our internet research and corresponding recipes below...  They are well worth a quick scan!

Asian Greens:  follow link for general info on Asian Greens
              Komatzuna or Komatsuma (Mustard Spinach)       more info... 
              Michihili  (Chinese Cabbage)          more info...
             Mizuna  (tender greens)                          more info…
             Tung Ho (Garland chrysanthemum)  
more info...
Clearing up confusion on Asian Greens (defines the categories… a must read!)
Chard (Swiss – Large Ribbed Dark Green)      Braised Swiss Chard with Currants and Feta;    Swiss Chard Pancakes?
Chard (Swiss – OG Fine Color Silverbeet)      Curried Red Lentil and Swiss Chard Stew with Garbanzo Beans
Collards—thanks for this recipe for Kashmiri-Style Collard Greens from Market Member Jane H.
Fennel (Florence) What to we do with the Fennel Fronds You can also boil, then simmer the fronds and drink it as a tea.

Kohlrabi   What is Kohlrabi and how do I cook it?   Great new ideas and Roasted Kohlrabi recipe shared by Market Member Jane H.   Other wonderful recipes for  Kohlrabi and Mâche Salad  (kohlrabi has a mild and wonderful radish-y taste when used raw!)

Leeks     (We don’t sell these but I use them in soup.) Don’t throw out the green part when a recipe calls for just the white part.  Thinly slice the green part and sauté in olive to use on hot sandwiches and burgers.  Or use the green part to make soup stock.

Okra       article about the impact of roasting on okra’s moisture content, It is nutritious.  Okra roasted with grape tomatoes  & served with catfish (excellent!)  

Papayas    green papaya recipes—particularly for salads…

Peas (cowpeas)     More info and how to shell, store, and freeze them.

Purslane           Rumor has it that Purslane has one of the highest omega 3 fatty acid sources of all plants.  Recipes

Spinach (Red Malabar)      This veggie is high in protein!   Bengali Style Malabar Spinach

Squash (Butternut - Waltham) Roasted Butternut Squash, Rosemary & Garlic Lasagna   (a personal favorite!)   and  Callaloo Stew  (omit the ham and eggs for a wonderful vegan dish)

Squash Blossoms Squash Blossom Soup   (a great addition to any soup)

Squash (
Calabaza aka “pumpkin squash”)  

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