Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Golden Hubbard Squash & Cannellini Bean Soup

I made a new resolution yesterday: To use up all the bagged dried beans I have accumulated in the cupboard. Those bags are slipping and sliding all over each other and I am tired of moving them around. So today I made soup. First, I...

  • Soaked white cannellini beans and cooked them last night
  • Sauteed some dried lemon grass and Vidalia onions in extra virgin olive oil until the onions started to caramelize then added chicken stock. For some reason, I cannot seem to eat enough Vidalias this year.
  • Peeled, chunked, and roasted Golden Hubbard Squash (it really is a vivid yellow gold!) until the chunks started to caramelize. They looked like pineapple chunks and tasted so sweet.
  • Large-sectioned several deep red Cherokee Purple tomatoes that had to be eaten. I would never usually "waste" such an expensive tomato in soup but the look of the soup was so unique because of it. The non-acidic taste of these heirlooms continues to surprise me!
  • Everything got put in the soup pot along with some chopped fresh arugula, Red Malabar Spinach, Tulsi basil, a little more lemon grass, sea salt, and ground pepper.
The results were beautiful, smooth tasting, and a nice light yet substantial dinner soup for Nathan and I tonight. Gorgeous looking too!

Golden Hubbard Squash & Cannellini Bean Soup

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