Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Close-to-Fresh Tomatoes in August

Several months ago before our garden stopped glutting us with large and juicy tomatoes, we ate them any way we could just knowing that all good things come to an end.  We had so many that I decided to experiment with freezing them
because I always regret never having tried to salvage and store tomatoes for later when the cravings get so strong for good tomatoes and there aren't any REAL tomatoes to be found.  I have never canned and really have no interest in starting now so I cut fresh tomatoes into large chunks, crammed them into large-mouth mason jars, and shoved them into the freezer.

I have been watching them and waiting for them to change color, to deteriorate, etc.  They have stayed the same color all this time!  Tonight I pulled out my first jar to taste test.  With the wide-mouth jar they don't have to be totally thawed to remove from the jar so I was able to add them easily to the garlic goulash I was making tonight.  I even tasted one semi-frozen straight from the jar.  The fragrance was unmistakable! Fresh tomatoes... ahhhh.  
Great supper too!

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