Sunday, January 22, 2012

Recipe For That Great Okinawan Spinach

I bought a mess of this spinach and found this great recipe.
Serve 2-3
4 cups Handama/Okinawan Spinach
2 Eggs
2 cloves Garlic - minced (optional)
1/2 cup Carrot - julienned
1 Tb. Sesame Oil
2 Tb White Sesame Seeds - toasted until golden brown
1 cup Chicken Stock
Cooking Oil
1. Wash the
vegetables; Discard any spoiled or wilted leaves - we use only the leaves, tender
shoots and stems. Set aside.
2. In a wok/deep pan,
heat some cooking oil until it's really hot; Add in the minced garlic, stir a
bit to avoid burning. Add in the carrot and Okinawan spinach. Give a quick
Note: Wok needs to be hot to achieve quick stir-fry process
because we don't want to destroy the vitamins and if you cook too long, it will
become mushy.
3. Make a hole in the
centre of the wok, crack the eggs into the center. When the eggs start to turn
opaque, stir the mixture with spatula to break apart the cooked egg mixture
(remember the wok is very hot, so you have to work fast.)
4. Pour in the
chicken stock and stir to mix all the egg mixture with the
5. Dish out on a
serving plate. Sprinkle toasted sesame seeds on top.
6. Spoon the sesame
oil around the vegetable and serve hot.