Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our Culinary Expedition to Rita's

Dinner at James & Rita's is anything but average.  Rita puts everything she's got into her culinary creations and I just had to document it all on film!  I am hoping she is going to add her comments to this blog so we all know what and how she made it all look and taste so incredibly delightful.  In addition to a simple fresh salad, I have never tasted sweet young cauliflower so flavorful, potatoes so delicately cheesy, bok choy chicken so tenderly appointed, and a fruit dessert so sprite. Gracious hosts and hostesses take note!


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  1. Real food from the garden is a great place to start. I try to plan our meals around that first. The potatoes were from the store as was the cheese. Potatoes thin sliced and sprinkled with sharp chedder cheese roasted with the chicken. The salad was a combo of beet and radish greens with arugula, purslane tomatoes tossed with olive oil vinegar and italian herbs. The chicken was roasted on a bed of bunching onions, I start with a 450 degree oven then turn the heat down to 350 after 15 min and depending on the size of the chicken pieces cook till juice runs clear. Califlower was basted with a combo of olive oil and coriander and it too went into the oven with the potatoes and chicken. Dessert at our house is almost always fresh fruit. I feel so blessed to live in a community with great chemical free locally grown produce.