Sunday, September 30, 2012

I Hear a Symphony!

Presenting a sister salad for our popular "salad jazz" mix. This symphony of greens plays out with a wonderful mix of tart

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tri-Color Sweet Potato Leaf Salad

Thanks to Jeff Yentzer of Vibrant Health for some great footage of Nathan's backyard garden and a recipe using our Market's tri-color sweet potato leaves in his dinner salad. See how @ Jeff's website.
Chartreuse Sweet Potato Leaf

Monday, September 3, 2012

Dig That "Salad Jazz"! and Dress It Up...

Jazz up your salad greens with a wonderful mix of delicate lime basil, crispy Okinawa Spinach, moist Red Malabar Spinach, crunchy Egyptian Spinach, and purple sweet potato leaves. And here is THE PERFECT DRESSING to make these new greens "pop":  All measurements are approximate. In a blender, whip up a dressing of organic extra virgin olive oil (1 cup), apple cider vinegar (max 1 - 2 tsp: "less is better"), red balsalmic vinegar (2 TB), fresh squeezed lemon juice (2 - 3 TB), grey sea salt (1 tsp), fresh ground pepper (1/4 tsp), and a clove (or two) of garlic.  This dressing will keep well when refrigerated for 2 - 3 weeks. It ROCKS!

BTW, If you are buying store bought lettuce, the greens above a perfect combo you can mix 50-50 with store bought lettuce UNTIL, of course, the season changes and we start selling the freshest and the most beautiful lettuce grown right here in St. Petersburg.  Here is just a sample of what's coming! 

"Wild Peachy Smoothie" from Jeff Yentzer

Jeff Yentzer of Vibrant Health Videos shares a new video using purple sweet potato leaves and lime basil in a “Wild Peachy Smoothie”. After watching the 2-minute video below, please comment on Jeff’s blog, explore the ads, and give it all a "thumbs up" by forwarding to your friends. Veggies contributed courtesy of StPete.LocallyGrown.Net to shows it commitment to educating local consumers on using what’s grown locally for better health! 

Freezing an Abundance of Greens

Customer Renee O. has researched a way to store overage from bags of  Smoothie Bundle and Greens to Saute  purchased from our Market.   "While the bags are very large and I can see them being a problem for those who don't eat their greens immediately or everyday, here are some suggestions on how to utilize such large bags"

For the smoothie bundle:
"Finished making bagged smoothie packs for the freezer. Cube up your fruit & veggies, portion out into your baggies for individual (or double) servings, and pop in the freezer. You can dump and go in your blender easily in the morning! *I bought a bunch of organic fruits&veggies in season for CHEAP...great way to MAXIMIZE YOUR BUDGET!*" (source credit: 100 days of real food blog).

I started doing this, mixing different fruits with