Monday, September 3, 2012

Freezing an Abundance of Greens

Customer Renee O. has researched a way to store overage from bags of  Smoothie Bundle and Greens to Saute  purchased from our Market.   "While the bags are very large and I can see them being a problem for those who don't eat their greens immediately or everyday, here are some suggestions on how to utilize such large bags"

For the smoothie bundle:
"Finished making bagged smoothie packs for the freezer. Cube up your fruit & veggies, portion out into your baggies for individual (or double) servings, and pop in the freezer. You can dump and go in your blender easily in the morning! *I bought a bunch of organic fruits&veggies in season for CHEAP...great way to MAXIMIZE YOUR BUDGET!*" (source credit: 100 days of real food blog).

I started doing this, mixing different fruits with veggies and freezing the individual bags (of course, re-use the bags once you've used the goodies inside!). This may be something helpful to send out to customers on how to use every leaf of their bag without it going bad too soon. :)  [Mkt Mgr. note: Because our greens are harvested with 24 hours of delivery, they will last for weeks before they even think about going bad.]

For the Greens to Saute:
This site gives you instructions on how to blanch your greens (from spinach to kale) and freeze them. I would suggest for customers to save half the bag in the fridge for cooking/salads and freeze the other half for future sauteing and things like quiche or recipes where the greens are going to be blended/mixed in your dish anyway. This way they can get the most use out of a large portion like the one you guys send. :)

I guess if all else fails, make the portions smaller that you offer. [Mkt Mgr. note: We have since decreased size of both items from 1 lb. to 12 oz.]. I personally like having such a large bag for the money I pay and plan on using every single leaf inside somehow. :)

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