Monday, October 22, 2012

Rita's Kick Start Bread

Here are the essentials of my bread.

I do not use any flour, sugar or wheat

The whole grains I use are buckwheat steel cut oats, rice grits, sesame seeds, chia seeds, teff, flax meal.  The ratio is up to you.

I use 2 cups steel cut oats, 1 cup buckwheat, 1 cup rice grits, 1/2 cup teff, 1/4 cup flax 1/4 cup chia and sesame seed.

Recipe makes:  10 servings.

5 1/2 cups of grains
3 1/3 cups powered milk
3 1/3 cups egg either whole or egg whites
5 cups  fruit puree,  either apple sauce, pineapple, pears, banana or vegetable puree

cinnamon and or ginger or pumpkin pie spice
rasisins,nuts dried fruit

Mix these together 

Divide the batter between two flat baking sheets lined with parchment paper.
Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees

Whe done flip bread into cooling rack and pull paper off.  I use this  paper over and over.

The bread is designed to provide a  cup of grain, cup of milk,  1/2 cup fruit,  and 1 serving of protein.

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  1. Thank you, Rita, for "inventing" this bread. Everyone has been wanting to know how you do it! We are so grateful for your attention to good healthy food.