Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Maintaining Freshness of Your Greens

Long-time customer Vivi S. from Gulfport recently shared with me how she keeps her greens fresh for up to 3 weeks by introducing
a dry cotton towel into the plastic bag of veggies we deliver. She reports:  "I do not wash them before storing them. I wash them right before use. (In my experience wet greens do not store well). I am also careful to try and get all the air out of the bag before tying. I believe this works because the towel absorbs the moisture which keeps the greens from breaking down, and at the same time maintains the moisture needed in the bag to keep them from drying out. I have kept collards, chard, bok  choy, dandelion greens, mustard greens, lettuces and others fresh for up to 3 weeks this way. Potato leaves do not keep as well so if they are in the mix they will not allow the rest to keep as long."

You can use this idea for storing greens and even other veggies like peppers & cucumbers.  Vivi suggests rolling them into the towel and putting the whole thing back into the plastic bag.  For peppers and cucumbers, she says you can line the bag with the towel and insert the veggies into that.

Great info! Thanks Vivi!

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