Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Salad To "Deliver" Protein

I've been looking for more ways to get affordable protein into my lunch diet. Protein bars are great in a pinch but many contain wheat and I want a healthier alternative for my digestive system, especially for lunch.  I've concocted a great salad
into which you can put just about any form of leftover protein from your refrigerator.
I make this salad ahead of time because there are lots of ingredients but it is SO worth the time! It will keep about three days and keep your energy level up during your busy days.

You will have to experiment with your own measurements but my rule of thumb is to plan the volume and mix of salad ingredients to please the eye. By contrast, I plan my salad dressing ingredients to please the palate.  FOR THE SALAD: I chop everything: first, callaloo leaves and curly green kale from the garden (any raw greens will do), then organic apples, dates, oil cured olives, sweet onion, organic cucumber, and organic lemon pulp from the juice I squeezed.  FOR THE DRESSING: Plan to make a large batch by mixing in your blender and refrigerating in a nice recycled glass jar --Use lots of organic extra virgin olive oil, just a little apple cider vinegar (you can ruin it with too much), a small amount red balsamic vinegar, lots of fresh ground pepper, and grey (higher mineral content) sea salt to taste. REMEMBER that less is better. You can always add more but it's hard to take out too much of anything. Take your time when making salad dressings and taste along the way using greens to dip in, adjusting for your pallet. A word of advice: If you need a bit more vinegar taste once you have mixed your dressing, add lemon juice instead of adding more apple cider vinegar.

TO ASSEMBLE: When it's 130pm and I realize I've missed lunchtime it is SO easy to open some canned albacore tuna, lightly drain the tuna, mix into a nice portion of the pre-made salad mix and toss it all up with the homemade salad dressing.  I grind on a bit more fresh pepper, another pinch of grey sea salt, and voila! DELICIOSO, major tasty, plus I'm getting more protein that I sorely need mid-day.

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