Saturday, June 1, 2013

Salmon a la "Salad Symphony"

Customers Brock and Kay made good use of their Salad Symphony mix this week by marinading salmon in the ginger dressing we posted with the product on the Market. Then they "beached" the salmon
atop the Salad Symphony and added some sliced tomatoes and green onions. They said YUM!  Salad dressing recipe is at this link and it cannot be beat!
With lettuce now gone with the heat, it's time to turn to new summer greens mixes like Salad Symphony, Salad Jazz, and a whole series of "musical combos' available from our online Market at

Summers are hot and long in Florida. You don't have to go without salads--LOCALLY GROWN, FRESH, CHEMICAL-FREE GREEN SALADS-- this summer.  Our salad series is a very different option but one we think you can adapt to, especially when served with the right dressings.  Bon appetit!

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