Sunday, July 28, 2013

Jeff's "Holy Mackerel"!

I love our Market potluck socials for tons of reasons. The locavores, location, children, talk, networking, education, the firepit (even in summer), the music, light spirits, and the food.  Speaking of which: First, let me say that I don't eat mackerel. I used to fish for it and we always threw them back.  That said:  My favorite potluck food this week (which tied with the vegan dumplings from Rolling Oats) was
one shared dish that I'll call "Jeff's Holy Mackerel!"  What you see below  is all that's left because I would not allow him to leave with the leftovers.

Simple ingredients-- gluten free pasta, butter, olive oil, canned mackerel, curry and sea salt.  He cooked the pasta and when it was almost cooked he warmed the mackerel in the cooking water and then drained it altogether. Then I guess he added everything else. The result was worth bolting the front door so I could empty the pan into a handy refrigerator container.  Like a two-year old would say:  "MINE!"

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