Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pan Fried Red Grouper with Rosemary & Summer Salad

Fresh homegrown, dressed summer salad greens topped with backyard Florida avocado served with pan-fried Red Grouper topped with rosemary.  Nestled in between, our summer vegetable favorite-- callaloo.

SALAD FIRST: Take fresh summer greens of green and purple sweet potato leaves, wild amaranth, purslane, Egyptian spinach, Okinawa spinach, and Moluccan spinach and drizzle with that fabulous Japanese Ginger dressing I keeping raving about. Top with some ripe avocado from the backyard.

COOK FISH LAST: Pan fry Red Grouper with Rosemary in some hot (not spitting) coconut oil for three minutes. Turn the fish over, cover for one minute and remove from the heat. Let it finish cooking for just a few more minutes then serve it immediately..

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