Monday, April 13, 2015

Radish Greens Soup

I fell in love with watermelon radishes a few months back when my local market had them on sale. They are beautiful and mild and crunchy!  Especially good as a delivery mechanism for tasty treats like hummus, smoked fish dip and guacamole, I also discovered they are AMAZING roasted!  Don’t knock it till you try it…really.  Ethan inhaled them, Riley gave a nod and I ordered more the following market day.

If you want to roast radishes, here is the recipe I used:

But that isn’t what I wanted to really share with you.  Since I am always looking for a way to use the whole vegetable that gets delivered, greens and all, I researched radish greens to see what can be done with them and if they were edible.  They are!  So I made soup.

I found this recipe at  Click here for the recipe. It reminded me of potato leek soup with a peppery finish.  Instead of stirring in milk after I pureed the soup, I drizzled some heavy cream on top because I thought it would be pretty…and you can’t go wrong with heavy cream.  Since it was family dinner night and I was using Grandma’s china, I added a slice of watermelon radish for froufrou color.

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