Friday, April 4, 2014

Delicious Salmon Citrus Salad.

I received my basket of goodies from the wonderful StPeteLocallyGrown volunteers just before lunch today.  I had taken salmon out of the freezer earlier today that I purchased through the site last month and intended to make a quick salad.  Super fast and easy.  I juiced a valencia orange that came in my order today and added some honey and soy sauce then poured it over the salmon.  I let it marinate while the broiler heated.  I broiled the salmon for 13-15 minutes on the middle rack it was a pretty big hunk.  I took out my fresh romaine, another valencia orange and the beautiful scallions (all from the market).  I sectioned the orange (supremed it) onto my bed of torn romaine and squeezed the remaining juice over the top.  Then I thinly chopped the scallion tops added a dash of rice wine vinegar and EVOO and finished the salad with the salmon.  It really was delicious.   I would have added a picture but I ate it before I thought to share.

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